Curb Appeal: Tips to Get Buyers Inside YOUR Home

Have you ever pulled up in front of a house and decided you don’t even want to go inside? You know the inside is nice, but you can’t get over the exterior of the home to even get out of the car. Here’s are some ideas that will help spruce up the front of your home, generate interest and maybe even a sale.

  • Front Door and Garage Door-. If they are metal and dented, they need to be replaced. If they are wood, they need to be repainted or stained. Replace the plain door knob with a custom knob.
  • The front porch needs to shine- Spray it off regularly and remove any cobwebsfrontporch or nests. Stage an outdoor space on your front porch and the furniture should be in excellent condition.
  • Update Fixtures- Change any dated, exterior light fixtures with more up to date light fixtures.
  • Mailbox- A freshly painted, stained or brand new mailbox can go a long way.
  • Fix the driveway- If it’s a blacktop, get it sealed or patched. If it’s concrete, have the cracks filled or have slabs replaced. Spray it off regularly and if at all possible don’t park your cars in it.
  • Perfect Landscaping- Mow, prune, trim plants/trees, edge and de-weed the landscaping beds. Freshen up the beds with new bushes, flowers, mulch or rock.
  • Fill in bare spots in the yard- Spot seed or sod your bare areas and keep it watered and healthy.
  • Free up walkways- Remove any tree limbs over the roof and trim back any bushes obstructing the siding and walkways.
  • De-Clutter- Keep garbage and recycling containers inside the garage.
  • garageOrganize the Garage- Make sure your garage is free of clutter, spray it out regularly and a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Cars are meant to be parked in the garage, not the driveway.
  • Landscape Lighting- Adds a nice touch and makes a great impression during those evening showings.

Remember some buyers lack vision when shopping for a home. Get a friend or neighbors opinion. Have them come look at the exterior before and after you are finished sprucing it up. The bottom line, great curb appeal typically means a quicker sale which equals TOP DOLLAR for your home. Make it look it’s best inside and out…

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